Best Way To Get Pregnant

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Best Ways To Get Pregnant

Best Way To Get Pregnant
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Best Way To Get Pregnant

Best Way To Get Pregnant

As an fertility consultant, I have advised many women on the
best way to get pregnant in a time where infertility is becoming more and more of a problem. The latest statistics show that 12% of women between 15 - and 43 suffer from infertility, and problems with the male partner affects the fertility in 50% of infertile couples. From my experience, one of the best ways to get pregnant is follow the very basic principle of listening to your body. The first step is to monitor your ovulation, as this is the only time when conception will occur. If you suffer from PCOS then ovulation will be a problem for you. I will outline the best way to get pregnant with PCOS later in this article.

Track Your Ovulation

In order to monitor your ovulation, I find the best way to get pregnant quickly is to use an ovulation kit. These range in price from $20 to $150 and are available online or from a pharmacy. By using an ovulation kit you can pinpoint the exact time that ovulation in your body occurs. This is generally anytime from days 12 - 17 of your menstrual cycle. Some consultants will advise you to take your temperature daily to pinpoint the time of ovulation. I find this to be a very hit and miss method, and the women need to monitor their temperature daily for at least 3 months in order to see a regular spike in temperature.

Once you know your body is ovulating you need to have intercourse only ONCE a day. Do not get carried away! The best way to get pregnant is a concentration of good quality sperm, so once a day is enough until the kit shows that your ovulation cycle is complete.

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Best Way To Get Pregnant At 40

Speaking of sperm, if you have not conceived within 3 -4 months of using an ovulation kit, then you need to have your partners sperm tested.

In fact, if you are serious about getting pregnant and have some concerns about your fertility as a couple, then get his sperm tested immediately. What is the point of trying and blaming yourself, when the problem may not even be with you? The test is simple and ranges in price from $250 - $500.

trying to get pregnant you also need to be aware of your diet and lifestyle. Statistics show that women who smoke take up to 10 months longer than non-smokers to get pregnant, as smoking affects the fallopian tubes and interferes with ovulation. The same is said of alcohol, and of course alcohol will also affect the foetus. The best way to get pregnant is to ensure that you AND your partner don't smoke or drink, as sperm quality is also affected by lifestyle.

Best Way To Get Pregnant With PCOS

If you suffer from PCOS, then you will need to consult a doctor or a fertility clinic. From my experience, the best way to get pregnant with PCOS is to stimulate ovulation with a drug called
Clomid. The good news is that Clomid success rates are as high as 75% in getting non-ovulating women to ovulate.

The success rate of pregnancy from ovulation aided by clomid however is sadly quite low with only 10% - 15% of women becoming pregnant. Although this figure is low, clomid is deemed by professionals as the best way to get pregnant with PCOS, and will always be the first option.

Trying to get pregnant is stressful whether it comes easily or not. The best way to get pregnant is to arm yourself with as much information as you can. Go to free seminars, check books out from library, or buy an e-book.